Everything you need to create and launch online courses

Set both the design of your academy and your online courses so that your users live an unique class experience.


Adapt the visual and aesthetic aspects with your brand's identity, such as color images and typography, thus strengthening your online positioning.

Customize the design of your academy

Each academy in Wisboo automatically gets a domain (nombredeacademia.wisboo.com) to start. However, you can customize and add your subdomain.

Own subdomain (Custom domain)

Create and use a homepage for your online courses as a form of presentation when you want to promote them.

Cover page for your courses


We have features, so you can promote your online courses and increase your registrations.

Improve the scope of your courses by inviting more people to enroll in your academy. You can also directly share the link to your academy.

Course invitations

Within a specific course you can select users of your academy and register them or upload a CSV file with the users you wish to register.

Manual subscriptions

Learning experience

Create your courses easily with a complete and modern design toolkit for online teaching.

Combine different types of content in a simple way like: videos, documents, presentations, external video links, and multimedia content.


For a complete and modern class experience, you can add activities to your courses such as: multiple answers, true-false, multiple-choice grid and / or open-ended questions.


Create and add tests to your courses to reinforce learning, summarize essential information and monitor your students’ progress. Add different types of activities such as multiple answers, true-false, multiple-choice grid, and / or open-ended questions.


Grow your business with the online sale of your courses. Wisboo is not an intermediary of your money and we don't charge commission. You can also create your own sales campaigns, managing discount codes and promotions.

Sales module (PayPal)

Implementing a pre-sale cover is an excellent way of gauging interest and generating subscriptions before starting and measuring ROI before producing a full-blown course. You can also use this sales tool if you still don't have all your course content ready.

Pre-launch of courses

Activate the "quote for companies" mode so that through Wisboo you can let potential client companies know your educational offering. Use the course covers to quote a certain number of licenses and allow prospects to get in touch.

Quote the course


We want to see you grow and that's why at Wisboo we have tools that help you market your courses.


Use our advanced features to take your training center to the next level.

Easily add and create complementary pages to your online academy from the admin panel. This is a useful tool to include a "home page", "About us", "Frequently Asked Questions", or any additional information you wish to add.

Creation of additional pages

You have the possibility to show or hide 5 icons in the standard Wisboo footer (3 social networks + web page + contact e-mail). If you have a Premium plan you can customize your footer with HTML code.

Custom footer

The functionality of CSS (cascading style sheets) serves to organize the presentation and appearance of your academy and choose a multitude of presentation options such as colors, types and sizes of fonts, among others. This is a way to achieve a deeper personalization of your site. * You can overwrite the bootstrap classes.

CSS Editor

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